Why Choose the ReviewBoost Card?

With the cutting-edge technology embedded within, a ReviewBoost card is not just any NFC card. Made in Japan, our cards are equipped with the highest quality NFC chips available today. This ensures that mobile devices can detect and interact with our cards from up to 10cm away, streamlining the process of directing customers to your Google review page. This ease of use removes any potential awkwardness and encourages customers to leave feedback.

Why trust ReviewBoost?

  1. Superior NFC Quality: Our cards boast top-tier NFC technology. Unlike some competitors who resort to cheap, low-quality NFC alternatives, our industry-standard chips guarantee reliability and effectiveness.

  2. Boosted Review Collection: Making it simple for customers to leave Google reviews, our cards can significantly amplify your online visibility and credibility.

  3. Seamless Customer Experience: No hiccups, no glitches. The swift and smooth interaction our cards offer ensures customers have a hassle-free experience while leaving their feedback.

In a world where online reviews can make or break a business, ReviewBoost cards are your key to unlocking genuine, easy-to-gather feedback and bolstering your brand's online reputation.


How many reviews can I amass with ReviewBoost?

With ReviewBoost, there are no barriers to the amount of feedback you can gather. We've designed our solution to enable endless review collection, safeguarding your digital reputation at all times.

Dive into the realm of infinite reviews and realize unmatched potential with ReviewBoost today!

Do ReviewBoost cards expire?

You'll be delighted to discover that the lifespan of a ReviewBoost card is limitless. Upon receiving your ReviewBoost card, it continues to serve you indefinitely, promising prolonged benefits for your enterprise.

Relish the perpetual benefits of ReviewBoost, a tool that's built to endure and flourish!

Is it possible to modify the link on my ReviewBoost card?

Certainly! ReviewBoost grants you the agility to effortlessly tweak the review link. For guidance on updating your ReviewBoost link, we've crafted a user-friendly guide. Simply engage with this guide to swiftly navigate the process and introduce any necessary adjustments.

Steps after obtaining the ReviewBoost card?

After receiving your ReviewBoost card, you're just moments away from boosting your reviews! Each card comes with a prepackaged setup info form. Prefer a visual guide? A link to our video walkthrough is also included. Setting up and programming your card is quick, taking only about 45 seconds. As long as your business is listed on Google, you'll be ready to roll in less than a minute. Dive in and watch those reviews soar!

The initial setup is a one-time task. Should you stumble upon any hitches, our adept customer support is at your beck and call, ensuring seamless onboarding.

Can multiple cards be associated with various businesses?

Absolutely! Every ReviewBoost card can be uniquely affiliated with a distinct business. This flexibility ensures that you can effortlessly administer and advocate numerous ventures using individualized cards for each.

Is a Google account mandatory for customers to pen a review?

To assess your enterprise, a Google account is a prerequisite for customers. However, take comfort in the fact that a vast majority of smartphone aficionados already are equipped with Google accounts via prevalent platforms like YouTube, Gmail, or Google Maps. Astonishingly, 93% of smartphone users are active Google account holders.

Capitalizing on the ubiquitous prevalence of Google accounts, ReviewBoost ascertains that most of your clientele can seamlessly proffer reviews.

Shipping details:

  • Order Processing Time: 1-2 working days
  • Shipping Timeframe: 5-7 working days