How to Program You're ReviewBoost Card

ReviewBoost Card Guide - Here's how to program you're card to you're Google review link in 12 easy steps taking about 45 seconds total.

Prefer a video guide? 🎥 Watch our easy instructional video for card setup here ⬇️

1.) Our first step is to download the free "NFC Tools" app on your mobiles app store and open it. Easy peasy, next step.

2.) After opening the app you will be greeted with this home page. Click "Write"to move on to the next step.

3.) Here, you will see a page with three options. Click the first option"Add A Record"to move on to step four.

4.) This step greets you with many options to code into your ReviewBoost Card.

The recommended option is "Custom URL/URI" as it is the only option that will work with ALL smartphones. Move on to next step.

NOTE** The Other options do not work onallphones, ONLY use "Custom URL" to ensure your Tap Tag will work everywhere. Do not use the Contact Option**

5.) Now, we need to get the link to our Google review page (It is easiest to do this from a computer or desktop).

The first step is to simply search for our Google My Business Listing/Name on Google, as shown in the image below.

6.) Now, we need to click on our reviews. Click on the area shown in the image below.

7.) Now, we need to click on the button shown in the image below.

8.) Now, we need to copy the link as pointed to in the image below.

9.) Now, we need to send this link that we have copied to our mobile phone so we can access it there. The easiest way to do this is to email the link to ourselves, then open it on our mobile device and click 'copy'.

10.) Now, we can go back to the (NFC Tools App on our mobile) and enter that link into the box shown in the image below. Click "OK" in top right corner when you are done.

Be careful not to accidentally add a space before or after the link when copy/pasting as it will cause an error. 

11.) Now click "OK" and you will be brought back to this page shown below.

Now Click "Write" and you will be prompted with an NFC "Ready to Scan" message.

11.) Now, you will see the page shown below. All that's left to do is take your ReviewBoost card and hold it to the back of your phone, or on some iPhone models, the top front.

The card will now be will be programmed.

12.) You will now see the blue tick checkmark as shown below. The setup is now complete, and your card is ready to use! Go and collect some reviews!

If you choose to re-program another google review link into simply repeat these steps to overwrite the previous link.

Please email us on or send us a message on our websites live chat if you encounter any issues along the way and we will assist you right away! 

Congratulations! You can now receive Google reviews more quickly and easily.